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Written and Directed By Sanicole (@Sanicole)
Starring Ashley Snow (@OfficialAshSnow) and Corey Williams (Corey_Demon)
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Sergio Mims blogs about short film “Text Tone” on Shadow and Act!!!!!

I’m extremely HAPPY that Sergio Mims has brought attention to my new short film, “Text Tone” yesterday. Chicago filmmakers, altho haven’t MASTERED the art of WORKING TOGETHER… WE are producing “Quality” films, even if we’re struggling to do so!!!!!!

Shadow And Act Article Text Tone"

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New Film Directed By Sanicole “Text Tone”


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Film synopsis: Two young lovers get lost in communication through text after mix emotions about their 6 month anniversary.
Written and Directed By Sanicole (@Sanicole)
Starring Ashley Snow (@OfficialAshSnow) and Corey Williams (Corey_Demon)

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REFLECTION short film Directed By Sanicole

Hey guys,

I posted my film “Reflection” online last night for those of you who couldn’t make the screening. I hope you enjoy it. Feedback would be great! Thanks! Support Indie Film! 😉

Click here “Reflection” Short Film

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Joseph Chopin
Tally Ray
Rayven Crockett
Jeremiah Frazier

Directed By @Sanicole

Produced By Raymar Crosby @Cool_asa_fan William Haywood @willdrumdude

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“The Journey To Peace” Directed By Sanicole with partners from The Ark Of St. Sabina in Chicago

Please support this film, October 5, 2012 at Oak lawn Park Theater at 7:00 PM.


Red Hook Summer…Ticking Off The SAINTS!!!!!!!!


Had the opportunity to check out Spike Lee’s, already controversial film, “Red Hook Summer” and I can confidently say the church folks will NOT be too pleased. As a filmmaker, I can definitely say that one major goal in the art, is to get your audience involved in the subject you select to address. A filmmaker is excited to know hours after his/her film is over, there is a dialogue between audiences of agree or debate (which is one I engaged in myself after me and mother spend almost a full hour discussing upon leaving the theater). And whether or not you choose to see this film, I’m not so sure you would be able to avoid the subject matter of discussion involving the African American culture, community and black Christianity.

The film introduces a spoiled young boy from ATL, who is forced by his mother to spend the summer with his Bible thumping preacher pastor grandfather in whom he’s never met. In my history of watching cinema, I’ve never heard the word “Jesus” spoken so many times in written narrative in all my life. So much so that it often becomes annoying as the film progresses, which is an intentionally choice by Lee, in order to turn the mirror on deeply spiritual and annoyingly aggressive Christians who refuse accept that fact that EVERYDAY isn’t SUNDAY.

Altho Lee, highlights the fact that the need for religion is a MUST in the lives of today’s youth, the film takes a sharp turn in revealing the inner most secrets of the boy’s grandfather with is a complete contradiction in the life he “claims” to lead. He also reveals the lack of youth in religion and how the church as failed to capture young people with old repeated traditions. “The world has changed” quoted one of the actors in the film.

“Any church whose members are senior citizens and there’s no youth coming behind, they’re going to die out,” Lee said in a roundtable discussion with reporters.

“Now that goes for synagogues, mosques, temples too — any institution,” Lee continued. “You got to always try to have that infusion of youth. They might not be as smart but youth has energy.”

The climax of the film will leave you extremely uncomfortable and is almost gruesome to watch. Without revealing that secret (not spoiling the film for others), the conclusion will definitely force you to reflect on the politics of today’s churches and how the choices of this institution mainly decided by pastors and leaders would be surprising to faithful money giving churchgoers.

In the original Spike Lee way, he leaves you to come to your own conclusion at the end, but the battle of the mind starts there. Altho he deliberately reveals the contradiction of baptist preachers, he shows a montage of redemption, faith and forgiveness. It leaves us to ask ourselves, if you knew your pastor’s downfall would you continue to attend his church, or would you do the “Christian thing” and accept his humanity with the commonly recited scripture “WE ALL FALL SHORT”…

There are aspects of some real-life churches that clearly disturb Lee, especially prosperity gospel ministers in “25,000-seat arenas” passing around “garbage cans” instead of offering plates.

“The politics of give me your money and I’ll put it in my pocket,” he said. “I’m going to be honest: I’m not a fan of this prosperity. Not having it.”

And are seasoned church goers willing to compromise tradition in order to pull in today’s untraditional youth….HMMMMMMMM something to think about…

For the topic of discussion…I thank Spike Lee for the courage to tackle such an issue. It is something to be talked about, and if this film wasn’t made it’s something that would have NEVER EVER been discussed or even DARE spoken.


Come to your own conclusion and check out Red Hook Summer, only playing in 3 theaters in Chicago (that I knew of) AMC River East, CrestWood, and I.C.E 87th street.

Spike Lee is STILL GREAT….


Another BLACK OSCAR Winner.

Congratulations to Octavia Spencer!!!!! Well deserved Oscar WIN!!!!!


Janet Hubert CALLS Out Gossiping A** Wendy Williams.

Good Afternoon America.

Here I am blogging AGAIN! And YES, I ONLY blog when I feel like it’s worth discussing. Anyway, this morning, I google the morning news and the top articles of the day.

janet hubert

Low and behold, I ran across a article on Janet Hubert, the actress who played the 1st “Aunt Viv” or “Vivian Banks” on “The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air” in the 90’s, CALLING out Wendy Williams with a OPEN letter stating how CRUEL Wendy was to the late Whitney Houston during the time of her drug use and marriage trouble to Bobby Brown. Altho Janet used Whitney, as her muse in the letter, she made a comment about Wendy’s ongoing gossiping rants on her show.

whitney & wendy

Included in the letter it states…

“You said that morning with tears in your eyes, that you would not discuss Whitney any further, but you crucified her the whole time she was alive, as you do so many people on your show. I want to ask you why? What do you get out of this besides money?

How do you sleep at night knowing that you are one of the biggest bullies in the world disguised as HOT TOPICS? Celebrities are not topics we are people, just like everyone else, we hurt and we hear and we bleed real blood, not fake blood, just as you do.

How do we as parents teach our children to honor each other, treat each other with kindness when all they see are images of people like you who condone and promote meanness, rude reality TV stars, and your opinion as you berate world renowned people like Janet Jackson, Gwyneth Paltrow, and others you slam on a daily basis.”

After reading that portion all I could say is WOW!!!!!! Somebody actually called Miss WENDY out on her shit. Now granted, I did see the video of Wendy crying her eyes out and proclaiming her sorrow for the death of Whitney Houston, admitting she was once a druggie herself and urging people to be there for others who struggle with this addiction. And altho I thought it was touching, the very next segement, she began to gossip about other stars who just so happen to be alive…in quote on quote “Celebrity News”… Careful Wendy. If you want to send out a message about helping people struggling with addiction, being that 20 to 30% of them are celebrities, how do you justify spotlighting gossip that push these STARS into depressive states.

So the question is this: Do we continue to support Wendy for giving us the latest celebrity news and HOT gossip???? or Are we TOO responsible for SUPPORTING the malice rumors and gossip that slowly destroy our beloved stars?????

I know in America it’s hard to make a HONEST living and it’s seems easier to make a dollar bringing someone else down. We see it at our schools, our jobs, our communities and various other places where STATUS is key. We live in a world where gossip, rumors and lies MAKE MONEY. So we have to ask ourselves. Do we hate the player or hate the game? Do we believe in karma? Is the MONEY really worth bring someone else down?…. I don’t know how WENDY would answer all these questions.

I heard Whitney Houston’s Bodyguard say, “Don’t be so HARD on our Stars, they give up their lives just for OUR entertainment…” and out of all the statement made that day, this one is VERY TRUE.

Remember to get your tickets to see “Reflection”…. Support Indie Film. www.overxposedproductions.com

Sanicole 🙂

Tyler’s “Good Deeds” and good deeds….

Hello people. First let me just say that I appreciate you guys dropping through my blog every once in a while. Whether you really value what I write or you’re being a under age internet spell checker, your STILL taking a interset in me misspelled words and all. lol Good thing I dont get paid to blog.


"Good Deeds Poster"

Now that I’ve given you my thanks. I’m admitting to crying like a infant child as I watched Whitney Houston’s funeral Saturday and guess who got “Swag Points” from me. Well maybe a WHOLE 2 points.

My arch nemesis Tyler Perry. Even tho I believe his films to be unrealistic, poorly written/directed, and just flat out bad. (my opinion Tyler disciples, I know your waiting to devour me, altho I stand ready to fight)

Despite my distaste, this man is truly a class act. “What a gentlemen?” I thought as I witnessed while reading the article of him offering his private jet to carry Whitney’s body back home and that adorable speech he gave on her behalf during the celebration of her life. Reminding us that she did know God, and she is safely rapped in HIS arms. It was touching. And I respected him more. I understand that Tyler is a model of black success and I admire that, I still dont care for the artistic value in his work. This has the ability to change tho, everyone has room to progress.

Nevertheless, his film Good Deeds, is on it’s way to the box office, his supporters are camped outside the theaters in bible tents waiting and from the looks of the trailer it appears to be a great film, and good concept. I just personally can’t take Tyler serious as a lead character after he wore a titty suit for so long. I wont be going to see “Good Deeds” you can convince me otherwise or just tell me about how good or bad the film was. I welcome all comments.

But Tyler got TWO swag points. I admit that gracefully. If you going to see “Good Deeds” enjoy the movie. 🙂


P.S “Reflection” tickets are on SALE!!!!! If your in Chicago get a ticket! Ask me how… visit www.overxposedproductions.com/Reflection for more info.

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